Would you like to advertise on my blog?


You can have your 125x125 banner displayed on the sidebar for $10/month or $25/3 months.

When you become a sponsor, I will:
* Feature you in a post
* Send a tweet out to my followers
* Share a message on Facebook on my fan page

Purchase your sponsor ad here:

How many Months?

If you have a craft type product or a product that pertains to Moms, women or children... I would love to host a giveaway for you.

Option #1: Send me a product to review and one to give to the winner.
Option #2: Cost is $15 and you supply the winner with the product.

When I host a giveaway on my blog for you, I will:
* Write a giveaway post on my blog that will include links to point my viewers back to your site.
* Tweet about your giveaway to my followers
* Share messages on Facebook about your giveaway

Plus, you will be featured again when the winner is announced.

Giveaways run for 1 week.

You must ship the product to the winner of the giveaway (if applicable).

Entry requirements will include having them be a follower of your blog, leave a comment about a product they like on your site/shop, follow you on twitter, follow you on Facebook, etc.

When/after submitting your payment for a giveaway, please contact me with any extra details or instructions you would like me to include in the giveaway.

Purchase Option #2 giveaway here:

You can contact me anytime with any questions you may have and/or to get your giveaway set up via:

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