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 I'm a 36 year old stay-at-home mom of two. I've been married to my main squeeze for 15 years. We have a 13 year old son and an 11 year old daughter.

My husband and I met when he was 20 and I was 19. He instantly swept me off my feet with his sense of humor! He could (and still can) make me laugh like no other. He's my best friend!
 I never thought that I would find my soul mate at work. It's true! You find that special someone when you least expect it!

Well, at least that's how I think it happened. If you ask him, he may say that I was a bit of a stalker and he finally gave in.
The hubster with his mean face!
Our son loves playing football, playing computer games and, from time to time, still plays with his Lego's (shhhh...don't tell him I told you). On any given day, you will find him barricaded in his room with a heaping pile of empty Mondo juice drink bottles piled on his desk and in his overflowing trash can which also contains empty Lunchable containers.
Our daughter loves to write poems, listen to music, write stories and play with cars. She may have a mild addiction to pens, pencils, markers, stickers and paper. Most days she turns our living room into her office or school room.
We also have a third child. Morris. He's a very spoiled kitty that loves to tear up our furniture, play in empty boxes, chase the kiddos around the house and eat lots of kitty treats.
Why I Decided to Become a Stay at Home Mom:
I was working for my Dad and became pregnant with Little Mama. At the time, I was able to take our son to work with me. It became a bit overwhelming... taking care of my son, customers, paperwork, bills, ordering parts and anything else that my Dad needed me to do. So, we decided to try a daycare center out with our son (which has since closed). On the second day, we took him to the doctor because he wasn't feeling well. The doctor's diagnosis was that he was badly congested, an ear infection in both ears and pink eye. At that point, I decided to stay at home with our kiddos.

What Makes Me "Not So Functional":
* I don't really like to cook. I cook and bake in spurts. (The hubster is a huge help in this area.)
* I've been known to avoid the laundry like the plague!
* Same with the dishes.
* Dust bunnies are overtaking our home.
* I forgot where I put the vacuum and I hope no one finds it.
* A mop. What's that?
* We have a new pet named Chewbacca that lives in our shower drain.
* When the kiddos are looking for socks or underwear, the hubster usually replies, "Look in our other closet." AKA The Laundry Room
* Most days you will find me in a t-shirt, jean capris, flip flops, with my hair in a clippy and sans make-up.

~My favorite things to say are~
* Not right now.
* I don't want to go.
* Gimme one sec.
* In a minute.
* I will later.
* I'm gonna work on that.
* Oh wait! Let me write that down.

Why I Started Blogging:
I love making crafts.  I originally started out cross stitching about 14 years ago.  I also enjoy painting and sewing (when I'm not fighting with my sewing machine).  Tole painting is my favorite but I dabble in other areas as well.

I started this blog to have a place to share my craft projects, have a place to vent and post about my daily life as well as meet fellow bloggers. Of course, when I'm not dusting, doing laundry, paying bills, caring for our littles and all the other fun things that come with being a housewife.

What You Can Read About on my Blog: 
Crafty Tutorials
Eye Candy
Family Time
Just Rambling
Home Decor

A Couple More of my Favorite Pics:
My silly kiddos and I.
Look Mama! We painted our faces! Yay!
Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you visit again.

You can contact me with any questions you have by visiting the contact page.

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