Wednesday, July 3, 2019

How to keep up with everything: a guide for housewives

A housewife usually a married woman who does not work officially but spends the majority of time looking after kids and keeping the house clean. Housewives combine many professions: a nanny, a caregiver, a teacher, a cleaning manager, a cook, a seamstress, a nurse, a supply manager, a designer, a dishwasher, a waiter, a washerwoman, etc.

The housewife day consists of thousands of steps. It is necessary to prepare food, clean up and tidy up, at the same time be engaged in raising children, and leave a little time for yourself, for your favorite hobby and maybe for a part-time job. In order not to get bogged down in the mountains of household chores, it is necessary to keep housekeeping competently and in an organized way.

Many housewives are often reproached with hiding that they, as some think, sit at home, do what they want, sleep as much as they want, do not jostle in traffic jams, and they generally live in paradise. At the same time, critics forget that modern people place much higher demands on home hygiene, childcare and education, the quality of cooked food, the distribution of finances and other aspects of everyday life and everyday life.

You need to manage your time and now there is such a thing as time management for housewives. To do everything at home, you need to plan all their activities. The presence of the regime helps to structure life, streamline the day and make better use of time.

  1. Drawing up the menu for the week will help to get rid of the daily puzzle, what to cook for lunch. And you do not have to go to the grocery store every day, which also saves time.
  2. A housewife needs to remember to take care of herself, to always keep herself in a good mood, then things will get better.
  3. You can take advantage of modern housekeeping systems that suggest the basics of self-organizing such as zones, routines, audit trail, timers. They allow you to create your own convenient schedule for cleaning the apartment for a week, and at the same time - not feel mired in eternal restoring order, helps to streamline and systematize the cleaning process, so as not to fall to the night from fatigue and, at the same time, have time for everything.
  4. For example, the order is induced by regularly cleaning each zone strictly for 15 minutes.Cleaning should not begin at the time when it becomes dirty, but regularly and regardless of the condition of the floor/things/ household appliances/plumbing.
  5. Any item returns to its place immediately after use.
  6. You should not save in the house extra things. No matter how sad, pathetic or memorable they are, throw things that are not needed away.
  7. Constantly monitor the corners of the house, which turn into trash more often than others.Eliminate such transformations by regular cleaning. Do not try to do everything at once - start small.
  8. Gradually develop the habit of washing the sink, then the stove - immediately after use, and so on.
  9. Do not buy new things while there are still “old” ones, and do not make stocks.
  10. Put out all the hotspots in time. Such as, for example, a small table in the hallway, where there is a bunch of keys, trifles and necessary pieces of paper by the end of the day - clean it twice a day which takes only 30 seconds but the apartment will look tidy and orderly always.

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