Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Create a Project or Shop Banner with PhotoScape {Part 2}

Yesterday, I showed you the first part on how to make your project/shop banner. Today, I will be showing you the finishing steps.

1. Open PhotoScape. Click on Editor. Start a new photo by clicking Menu. I usually set my new photo to 1200 x 1200 to give myself plenty of room to work with.

2. Select the Object tab. Click the photo button and add your image that you created yesterday.

3. Reduce the size of your image by moving the corners. When working with images, I use the corners to adjust them for the page instead of the sides, top and bottom. It tends to distort the image. Once you have reduced the image to your liking, click Photo + Objects. This will combine your image with the new photo.

4. Next you can add a box to your image. Click the Rounded Box Mode, select your color choice and draw your box. Tip: I draw my box over the image so that I can adjust the width according to the image I added.

5. Add text by clicking the Text (T) button. Click Photo + Objects.

6. Crop your new image by selecting the Crop tab.

7. Resize your new banner to the size you need. Tip: If using on your sidebar, resize your image to the width of your sidebar while preserving the aspect ratio. My sidebar is at 250 so that is the width that I chose.

8. Save your new banner and celebrate!

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  1. I missed your last post and when I saw this one I was so excited as I have my own website and I after New Year I am going to be revamping it all and hopefully this will help me with that too! I've also been trying out buttons etc for my blog with no success so far so I will be trying out your methods soon. Thank you for sharing. x


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