Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I Can't Believe My Baby Boy Is 14!!!

I can't believe I officially have a 14 year old!

He's super intelligent, is thoughtful and caring, enjoys football, loves art and has a huge passion for gaming. His goal is to go to college and become an architect.

While it makes me a bit sad (and I'm tearing up writing this post...I'm a big baby) that he's growing up so fast, I'm excited for his future and can't wait to see all his dreams come true.
Having fun camping!

Being silly with his sister.

Easter pictures.

Love his chubby cheeks in this baseball picture!
The end of 7th grade... being sill again!

His birthday cake. He's still a kid at heart!

Happy 14th Birthday Little Man!!! xoxoxo


  1. Wow... time flies, huh?! Ooooo, so bittersweet! Happy Birthday to your son... happy day to ya, Mama!

  2. Happy birthday! It is so bittersweet.... We are so excited to see them grow but at the same time wish they could stay little forever....Heres a box of tissues mom youre going to need more than one as the years continue on.. ((( hugs)))

  3. Oh my word, I totally see how you can be welling up at the thought!! My little man is 6 and I tear up if he even LOOKS older in a day. I can't imagine 14......Biggest of hugs and some mom love heading your way, stay strong!! :-)

  4. This is so charming and fill the spark into our lives,when we unfold the old pages of your small baby boy who has become mature enough, the fun and frolic was the extent this time.


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