Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What I Want to Be When I Grow Up

This weeks Writing Prompt from Mama Kat... that I chose is...

4.) If you could change career paths now and be anything you wanted to be…what would you be and why?

Let me start off by telling you a little bit about my aspirations as a younger me.

I wanted... so badly... to be a cheerleader! To be a star at football games! To yell and jump and wave pom poms around!


I was too shy and intimidated to try out. A fear of failure... perhaps. A fear of being judged. Not quite sure.


I joined band.

Plus, I didn't have to take P.E. if I was in band. How in the world was a girl that didn't even want to participate in P.E. going to make it as a cheerleader?

I wanted a little more out of band. I was tired of walking around playing the clarinet at football games. Plus, I didn't do so well at remembering the music.

I wanted to shine!

So, I joined the flag corp. It was awesome! We had these hideous shirt/skirt combinations that didn't even match the band or school colors and I always got my flag caught in the skirt. The best time of my life!

I had big plans for college! I was going to be a teacher. Until I realized there was no way that I could get up in front of that many kids. Thoughts of spit balls and airplanes being thrown at my back or whoopie cushions strategically placed in my desk chair bounced around in my head.


I changed my career aspirations. I wanted to be a Physical Therapist.

To make a long story short... after going to college for a semester and a half... I dropped out.

Now, to answer the question.

I would want to be a Physical Therapist. I would enjoy helping people recover from surgery, etc. Then again, I don't like seeing people in pain. So, that may not work out. But, the money would be great!


I would want to be a Realtor. I really like looking at homes. It's crazy, but if I could spend all day eye googling over homes that are for sale, I'd be super happy. Plus, the money would be great!


I would want to be a Detective. I love mysteries! I love solving puzzles! Plus, the money would be great!


I would want to be a Psychiatrist. I would love to sit on my butt all day and listen to people talk about their problems. If you're a psychiatrist, I don't mean you in particular sit on your butt all day. But, I would! It would be kind of like having my own private reality show. Plus, I'm a great listener! And the money would be great!

Would you want to change your career if you could?

Mama’s Losin’ It


  1. Who is to say that you won't eventually become one of these things? I hope you will run towards the thing that will make you most happy. For me, when my kids were young that was being right there at home with them.

  2. LOL, love it. I'm 43 now and still don't really know what I want to be when I grow up. I've thought about most of the those careers too. I love looking at houses all day but afraid that I would want to buy every one of them and just end up dissatisfied with my own.

  3. I wanted to teach, and I did for 11 years. Then I did something I never dreamed of - became a SAHM.
    What will I do when they go to school???
    I have no idea!
    I'd love to write, but rejection hurts, and I know there will be plenty of that.
    Go back to teaching?
    Not so sure about that now...

    Stopping byy from Mama Kat's.

  4. Love it! We could sit here all day and ponder the careers we would enjoy! I was a firefighter, I wanted to be nothing else! I was injured in a car accident and had to resign from the dept. Hardest thing to this day I ever had to do. I am now a Rehab therapist, helping those that are in similar conditions that I was and still kind of am in. Plus had it not been for the car accident, I wouldnt have met my husband and now, not have our daughter. We are always meant to be where we end up...but it's always nice to think about "what if" Great post! New follower via Mama Kat! Hope you can come visit my page!


  5. Air Force Ranger...like in Breakfast Club when the thug runs down the hall. But really, what I think any of us wants (Bender included) is to dream big and be something maybe no one - even our self - thinks is possible. Because why not? Stopped by via Mama Kat. ;)

  6. I wanted to get paid for sitting around watching tv all day. Someone should've created that job before I stopped watching tv. lol A cheerleader would've been fun, but I was SO not flexible I never could've done those kicks! lol I like your idea of being a Realtor and why you would want to be one!!


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