Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Loving My New Modern Floral Pillows

Monday afternoon, we went to Wally-World in search for new clothing for my son to wear to football camp. While we were there, I wanted to pick up some fabric for a project. I came across some beautiful modern floral fabric and just had to have it! Only $3! What a steal!

Turns out... the colors matched perfectly to the colors in our living room. So, I decided to make a couple of pillows for the couch.

Modern Floral Pillows with Fabric Flowers

I didn't measure my fabric. I just went by the amount of fabric I had and guesstimated the size. They turned out to be approximately 14 1/2 x 10.

After stitching up the sides (leaving an opening for turning and stuffing), I made a few fabric flowers with the leftover fabric and some blue flowers out of scraps that I had on hand. You can find several tutorials by searching for "fabric flowers". I'm still trying to master these!

Fabric Flowers

Once they were complete, I just glued them in place using my handy dandy glue gun!

I love how they turned out!

The fabric is by Kentshire Home Collection.


  1. LOVE these! They would be awesome in my loft! I'm attempting to make some tonight!

  2. I think these pillows are fabulous! Love the fabric and the flowers. :-)

  3. Loved how these turned out. I wish I had the patience to duplicate this project, but my pregnant self says, "Ummm...I think you need to eat and take a nap."

  4. Angela, these are so pretty, don't you love getting awesome deals on fabric like that? I love your fabric rose's too. Have a wonderful weekend :)

    Hugs, Tanya

  5. Love your pillows! The fabric flowers are a nice touch!

  6. This is really adorable to see the cushions and pillow cover which are decorated with beautiful flowers and petals. How sweet it can be if the pillow is covered with original flower petals.


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