Tuesday, June 12, 2012


The past few days have been a bit crazy!

This past Thursday, we finished going through my grandmother's and aunt's things to get them ready for the yard sale. That was a lot harder than I thought it would be. We went through a few tissues.

Friday and Saturday we had a mega yard sale. I'm kicking myself for not taking pictures. We had about 10 tables jam packed with items and tons of furniture. Sold a lot but still have tons leftover that we will be donating.

I'm happy to say that my kiddos will be in 6th and 8th grade! I'm super proud of them! They both received many awards and are very excited to be out for the summer!

However, I'm already hearing... I'm bored!

So, the husbter took little mama to play bingo and they won! She had a great time!

I've been keeping myself busy working for a couple of companies from home (hoping the work picks up a bit) and did a bit of painting today... in between laundry.

We are still praying and waiting to figure out what our next step is. Trying to stay positive and know that everything will work out.

I appreciate all of your support and kind words!


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