Saturday, June 2, 2012

Garden Goodness

The hubster has been patiently waiting to get his garden going and this past weekend we had a chance to do just that!

While the hubster and kiddos were checking out the veggie plants, I strayed away (hoping not to embarrass them by the folks staring at me... wondering why I was taking pictures at Home Depot). I had to take a couple of pictures of the beautiful flowers!

The hubster settled on a couple of tomato plants, a banana pepper plant, a bell pepper plant and some jalapeno's.
See our kitty proof/raccoon proof (hopefully) fence? Did you see my tweet about the raccoon that is 4 times the size of our Mr. Morris?! No lie! Three times now, he's been staring me down from the end of our driveway. It's freaking me out!

I picked out a few flowers to plant in memory of my granny, aunt and my husband's memaw.

Memaw's two plants are in the hangers just above the jalapeno's.

My granny's plant is in the bicycle and my aunt's plant is in the overalls.

I think they would be very happy with our choices.

Keeping our fingers crossed that we have mucho veggies!


  1. Very pretty! I love the plant hanger with the light. Flowers are a wonderful way to remember loved ones. :-)


  2. Want to know a great (albeit kinda gross) way to keep the raccoons away from the garden bed? Have your Hubs pee around the base of the bed. The testosterone in male pee makes critters think there's a predator nearby, so they stay away. (Don't ask me how I first learned this, please.)

  3. Love love love your garden! Everything looks so pretty, can't wait to see it all full and lush!


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