Thursday, June 21, 2012

Creating a Backyard Garden

One fun outdoor activity for people of all ages is to plant a backyard garden. Whether you are looking for a fun hobby for yourself or something to do with your kids, planting a garden is always a good idea, and you can choose to plant fruit, vegetables, flowers or all three in your garden.

Make a Plan
The first step of creating a garden is deciding what types of plants you will want to plant. Many people make the mistake of planning the location of their garden and then planning the types of plants that they will grow there, but this is a bad idea since different plants require different amounts of sun and shade. After you have chosen a few favorite plants, you will need to determine where you can best plant your garden so that your plants can get the amount of sunlight that they need.

Make sure that you find out how much space your plants need in order to grow, and plan accordingly. If space is an issue, you can always plant less of one type of plant so that they are not crowded in your garden. You will also need to make a list of seeds and materials that you will need to get started.

Purchase Necessary Supplies
Depending on what you are planting, it is essential for you to purchase seeds, bulbs, or starter plants in order to get your garden started. These are certainly not the only items that you will need, however. If your soil is not nutritious or made to support the types of flowers, fruits or vegetables that you will be planting, you will need to think about purchasing soil for your garden. You will also need garden tools in order to do your job correctly.

Get To Work
After you have done your research and purchased your necessary garden tools and other supplies, there is really nothing else to do but get started. Make sure that you research the plants that you are growing as well as possible so that you can plant them and care for them correctly. There are tons of websites, books, magazines and other resources that can help you to get started.

Gardening can be a fun and rewarding past time if you do it correctly. As long as you make a proper plan and purchase all of the supplies that you need, you should have no problem planting and tending a successful garden.

Once you become more experienced, you can consider planting a wider variety of plants next year.


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