Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!! {The Best Mother's Day Ever!}

I wanted to wish all of you mama's a Happy Mother's Day!

I had a wonderful day spending time with my family. We had a very nice lunch with my Dad, Mom, Uncle and Aunt. Before we left the house I received these heart warming cards from my kiddos...

The front of my son's card. It says, "Your so beautiful, I can't handle it. But, when I see your beauty, it makes me want to cry a little bit."

The inside left of my son's card. It says, "A special thanks from me to you, a day just to you. Now, I give you this card, with no regard, from me to you, to make you smile is what I do." There is a flower in a vase that reads, "It's not real, so don't try to take it off the paper." And a diamond ring in a box that says, "Trust me, it was hard to get that ring into that case."

The inside right of my son's card. It says, "Connect the stars" with stars in the shape of a heart and a poem...
"I love you very much, and don't ever think I do things to you to be mean or annoying, it's always to make my only and favorite mom laugh." Happy Mother's day... "Hugs incoming!"

The front of my daughter's card. I love that she thinks I'm cool, terrific and awesome. Don't you just love how she had to write "upside down."

The inside left of my daughter's card. Poem: Lots of life has gone by since we'd sit around and play. Under water colored skies. Time and I just flew away. Of all the precious gifts you gave me, my favorite one was love. I will always be your baby. Happy Mother's Day!

The inside right of my daughter's card. On the pocket it says, "You're not just a mom. You're a cleaning machine! You love to help people out and be a generous person. Thank you for all the support."

Oh my goodness! They make me laugh! I love them two!

After lunch, my Mom, the kiddos and I headed out to JCPenney to get them some new school shoes. Theirs were in pretty bad shape and no matter how much I kept my fingers crossed that they would make it until the end of school, it just wasn't happening. I also got me some new flip flops!

Next we made a trip to Cato's! I love me some Cato's! My Uncle and Aunt gave me a gift card for Mother's Day and I couldn't wait to spend it! I think my daughter tried on every single pair of shoes they had.

There were so many goodies that I wanted to get, but I had to stay strong! I had to resist the temptation! For now. So, I found a cute pair of shorts and a flower headband for my daughter.

I loved spending the day with my Mom and I'm a bit upset that I didn't take any pictures of her. I think I was just enjoying my time with them all so much, that it completely slipped my mind.

Since I forgot, I dug up a couple of my favorite pictures of my beautiful Mom. I love her to pieces! She's always there for me when I need her.

I hope you all had a fabulous day!


  1. Hi there! Visiting from Sits spring fling! I love your blog design! Wordpress?

    1. Hi Jessie! Thanks so much for visiting and for the sweet comment on my blog. I use Blogger. :)


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