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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Kids Say The Darndest Things

As my son and I were pulling into the driveway, he was asking me about my blog. He wanted to know how people can make money with blogs.

I proceeded to explain to him the ways that are available to make money with blogging. You know, ads, reviews, articles and such.

I sat down at the computer to check on a few things and he asked if he could see my blog.

"Why sure!", I said. Completely filled with joy that he was interested in what I do.

I showed him where the ads were, showed him some of my posts, pictures of him and his sister, etc.

He said, "Hmmm... that's neat."

I said, "See, that's why I'm so busy all the time. I market, post, create, visit. All the good stuff."

He replied, "You have to do all of that!"

Me: "Yep!"

My lovely son: "That's boo boo!"

And walks away.

Oh how I love him!


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