Monday, February 28, 2011

Praying That Everything Will Be Okay

In a previous post, I mentioned that my family was having some health problems. My grandmother is still hanging in there and my hubby is as well. He will be talking with one of his doctors tomorrow to find out if they will be submitting information to hopefully get him approved for injections for his back.

My aunt received some really bad news today. She has Conjestive Heart Failure (hope I'm spelling that right) just as my grandmother does. The doctor explained that she has many holes and blockages in her heart. From what I understand, this is due to diabetes (which they both have). She will be having a triple bypass surgery Thursday. They are expecting up to two months of recovery time for her.

I will be taking care of her cats for her as well as helping out the family as much as I can during this time. So, the crafting portion of my blog will not be coming along as quick as I hoped. Of course, being there for my family is more important.

The funny thing is (not funny haha) that my grandmother would always tell me that she was worried about me getting diabetes. She would always say something about what I was eating. It would irritate me at the time, but now I know that it was just because she loves me and didn't want me to have to go through what her and my aunt do on a daily basis.

I also found out that two more of my relatives are in the hospital. One is my great aunt (I believe) which is fighting a battle with cancer and the other is a cousin that had a heart attack this morning. I don't really know them that well because they are on my grandfather's side of the family which I don't see (long story).

I'm still praying that my grandmother and aunt make it through this hurdle.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

I Found A New Love

One of the blogs that I read from time to time had recommended a blog they enjoy called Sew 4 Home. I had to go check it out because I love the idea of sewing items for the home. I fell instantly in love. I could and probably will spend hours browsing their blog/website for things that I can make. I'm super excited to share this one with you.

I have to admit... I'm a tad bit jealous of the amount of posts they are able to make. I wish that I had the time to work on projects to share here. I think I may have a new passion. I would love to make some of the items they share and show my creations here. Once things get in order around here, of course.

I also love that they have step by step picture tutorials with each project.

Here is the first project they shared that caught my eye. I would love to make a couple of these for our bathrooms or as gifts.

Pictured above is the Be-ribboned Guest Bath Towel. Too cute!

They have tons of projects, tips, products they like and even giveaways! A few more projects you may like are:

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I have a little time tonight to work on my blog. A while ago I made an Amazon store with some of the products I like or would like to have and thought you may enjoy as well. Amazon has some great deals and a huge variety of products.

When I was thinking about homeschooling my children, due to problems they had at school, I purchased all of my books from Amazon. I did tons of research and found them to be the cheapest compared to other websites.

So, take a look at my store by clicking the links to the left or at the bottom of my blog and you can find some great deals too!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Red Swollen Eyes...

I've cried most of the day today. To put it bluntly... today sucked. I'm beyond stressed. I don't know what to do anymore. I just want things to get better. But, they seem to be getting worse instead.

My grandmother has been in the hospital. She's not doing so good. She has been having chest pains and not feeling good. She has been in a nursing home for the last couple of months and it breaks my heart to see her there. Yet, I know, that she has to be there for someone to be with her at all times. She's a diabetic and has heart failure. She was taken to the hospital where they found out that she had way too much fluid in her lungs again and she has pneumonia in both lungs. I'm praying that she makes it out of this.

Got a phone call today from my Dad to let me know that one of my aunts my have to have bypass surgery. She recently found out that she also has a problem with her heart. They will be doing a test on her Monday to find out if she will have to have surgery. She will need someone to help take care of her while she recovers because everyone in my family works (but me) and she cannot afford a nurse or another place to recover at besides home. So, I will be helping her out. I'm worried about her going through surgery because she is also a diabetic. I'm praying that she makes it out of this.

My husband received bad news from his doctor today. He had two appointments today with two different doctors. The first one told him that he completed his recommended physical therapy and should be able to proceed with the next step.... steroid injections in his back. They just needed to wait and see what his other doctor (the surgeon) says and will submit to worker's comp. The second doctor (the surgeon) told my husband that yes he will need the injections next but he will not submit anything else to worker's comp. because everything he has... they have denied. While I understand his frustration, it kind of makes me feel like he is giving up on my husband. He said he will do the injections or surgery (if needed) but he will not submit recommendations on his behalf.

So, I couldn't help but break down today. I hate seeing my family go through this. I hate seeing my husband in pain. They don't understand that it's not just affecting him... it's affecting his whole family. They drag their feet and throw more medication his way but are not fixing him. How can they fix him when they deny what the doctor says needs to be done.

I don't understand. I'm scared. I don't know what we will do if my husband can't get better and go back to work this year.

I'm at the end of my rope. I'm trying to stay strong but I'm falling apart.

All I can do is pray.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Frustration... Yet Happiness... Possible?

I'm happy to say that we will be getting enough back from filing our taxes to pay off a couple of loans and get caught up on a couple of things that we got behind on after my husband was hurt at work. We also need a new a-coil for our air conditioner. So, it's nice that we can breath a little once we get those things taken care of.

However, I'm a bit frustrated that they have not fixed my husband yet. He fell of his work truck back in July of 2010... and he is still not any better. They keep sending him to different doctors and prescribing pain medications but not actually fixing him. He just completed a second round of physical therapy because for some reason they thought the second round may just fix his back. Umm.. nope.

He went to his first doctor and then to a specialist. He had to fight to get a closed MRI because the open MRI had bad quality. The MRI showed that he has two discs that are really messed up along with a nerve that is sticking out of one of them that is causing him a great deal of pain. So, they send him for physical therapy? They are treating it as a lumbar sprain. Which he would have already been back to work if it was that.

After many doctor appointments, a second opinion, physical therapy, pain meds, MRI's and many denials... we wait. I'm praying that they will at least approve him to have the steroid shots in his back to see if that works. The specialist thinks he needs surgery. If they would allow him to have surgery, it would take him 3 months to recover. He would have already been back to work by now.

It's been about 7 months and he just wants to get better so that he can go back to work. He's bored and tired of being home and we're tired of being broke. He's tired of being in pain. I wish I could do something for him but it's out of my hands.

So.... more waiting.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl

This year I didn't watch much of the Super Bowl. My husband watched it and every now and then I heard him laughing at the commercials. Since, I consider some of the commercials, in the past, inappropriate for younger viewers... I lost interest in watching it. I did, however, watch the half-time show.

First I must comment on Christina Aguilera's version of the national anthem. I like some of her songs but wouldn't consider myself a fan. I do have to hand it to her for having the guts to get up there and sing. I couldn't do that. She does have a beautiful voice at times, but I think she "over" does it most of the time. That being said... at first I didn't think it was that big of a deal that she messed up part of the anthem. Because I would be horribly nervous to do that and probably mess up the entire song. Now that I think about it, she knew she was going to be singing it, so she should have known the words! Not to mention, she does that for a living.

The half-time show... oh brother! That was pretty much... bad! The Black Eyed Peas sound really, really bad live. Fergie sounded like she was just blurting out words most of the time. Just when she would start to sound decent, she would belt out something awkward. If she would just sing normal instead of forcing sounds out... she sounds great. The light up thingys on their outfits were a bit overboard. The best part was Usher. He can sing live. Well, if he was singing live. I have to say.. the folks with the boxes on their heads was pretty funny!

Honestly, I have been less than impressed the last couple of years with the half-time show. I have found them to be quite boring.

Here are a couple of articles in case you missed out:

Black Eyed Peas Vs. Tron: A Super Bowl Contest No One Wins

Video: Christina Aguilera goofs up the national anthem

Friday, February 4, 2011

My Birthday/Snow Day

I had an awesome birthday! I was so excited to get snow! And what made it even better is that the kids didn't have to go to school today so we got to spend all day together.
We woke up about 6 this morning and headed outside about 7 to play in the snow. We actually got enough snow for the kids to make snow angels! We all had a blast!
We also went out to eat with my parents. By the time we were leaving the snow had started to melt but where it's packed down is really slick now.
Here are some more pictures of our snow day! You can click them to enlarge.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Knickers Are Frozen

I live in central Texas. So, for us, this weather is f-f-f-freezing! Yesterday the kiddos got to stay home because the school was closed. Pretty much everything around here was frozen. Our car, porch and even our front door was frozen. Not to mention, ice on the bridges which is dangerous around here. If this is normal weather in your parts, you may think this is nothing. But, here in Texas folks don't know how to drive in it. Okay, most folks.

Today the kids went back to school. Some areas are/were still frozen but not really bad at all. I even braved going to the local Dollar General and attempted to get the oil changed in our car. Unfortunately, they were out of filters for our car so I have to go back Saturday. But what wasn't so great about today was the rolling power outages here locally. Our electricity was out three times today. Our home is all electric... so it got cold in here quick!

Tonight I made a vegetable stew that didn't turn out too bad and we had grilled cheese sandwich's. Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture. I made my own stock with water and three cubes of chicken bullion cubes. I then added cabbage, carrots, celery, onion, peas, green beans, corn and potatoes. Spiced it up a bit with seasonings (a vegetable seasoning I had here, minced garlic, salt and pepper). I just added veggies until the pot was full.

After dinner, I sat down and went through prices and coupons for Dollar General, Family Dollar, HEB and Wal-Mart. I'm only getting a few hygiene and household products. I decided to go to Wal-Mart since they seemed to have the best prices. I'm going to brave the cold to go to Wally World!

I'm really excited about the weather for Thursday and Friday night, though. It might actually snow here! I may have snow for my birthday (which is Friday)! Woo Hoo!
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