Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Crafting Chaos

I would love nothing more, right now, than to be crafting away on Christmas goodies. But, instead... I have something that is haunting me. My hoarding issue never ending supply of crafting chaos!

Any other time, this would be quite embarrassing for me, but I've decided...

I will not be ashamed!

I will not let this "issue" take me down!

I will conquer it!

Well, maybe not anytime soon, but I will at least attempt to get rid of (sad face) and organize some of the mess.

Most of the items were purchased for specific projects that I just haven't seemed to have gotten around to.

I actually know where everything is! Okay, most of it. Okay, okay, I may not even know exactly what I have.

Believe it or not, this was organized a while back. I don't have the tools (ya know, baskets or an abundance of containers) to make it a fancy kind of organized.

But, I will tackle this project and win! When I get a chance...

Don't you think the curl border around the pictures make the mess look a bit better? No? Okay.

The cat's out of the bag!

I'm a craft hoarder! It's still not that much, right?!


  1. The border TOTALLY makes it look better! :-) I too, need to tackle my DIY stuff. It all seems to end up in the mudroom closet! Gah! One of my goals next year is to tackle some DIY storage and organization by myself. I WILL do it!! I will!! :-)

  2. Almost everything I own (craft hoard stash) has been relocated from the dining room to the master bedroom. Couldn't stand looking at the mess any longer (quite embarassing when company dropped in) with the vow that I would organinze it and craft up there! I want all the pretty storage too!

    Problem is now, I can't find what I need,i knew where it was in the mess of the dining room and now I can't seem to find my undies!

    Feel your pain!


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