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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Decluttering and Organizing... Help is on the Way!

Ever since my post yesterday about my housewife guilt, I've been thinking. Because that's what I do!

Back in May, I posted about this awesome Home Organization Plan and I had super high hopes for myself.

Then in September... I was {hanging my head in shame}. I can say that I've gotten better at keeping up with things. Aside from my every now and then meltdowns and begging pleading crying to the hubster for his help.

Okay, moving on...

I'm super excited to share this new 2012 Declutter & Organize Calendar that I found with you! It's from My Simpler Life and it's awesome!
I just need to get some ink so I can print it out. Why would I want to just open up the document on my puter and check the day?! This way, I can procrastinate some more. Just kidding! Sorta...

Anywho... what I really, really love about this calendar is that it's not just cleaning and it's not just organizing. It's all in one! Win... Win... right?!

The best thing! As I was scrolling through... checking out the goods... it actually has a day specifically for a nap! I love this calendar!

Some examples, pulled from January, are:

* Go through your spices to discard old and expired ones.
* Clean out under the bed.
* Get rid of hair doo dads you never wear

Seriously! There's tons of stuff listed that you (and I know that I) would never think of when it comes to cleaning and organizing! Love it!

So, swing by and get your calendar! You can download the entire year or a single month. It's up to you!

Best of all. It's FREE!!!


  1. Anything that includes a nap is a good thing. :-) Thanks, I will be printing this out also!

  2. I too will have to check this out! The mess is just killing me!


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