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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Crafter Interview: Original Boutique

While browsing Etsy, I came across these gorgeous pillows! I knew that I had to share them with my readers.

Fulya is the owner of Original Boutique where she sells her beautiful handmade pillows. She does not make the same pillow more than once and she then creates new designs with the same material. She designs most of her products herself. The flowers on her pillows are created using different materials. She loves flowers! Every type of material that Fulya finds makes her think of what she can create out of it.

She was working in hotels as a housekeeping manager when Fulya decided to stay home and take care of her daughter. Fulya is a creative person and loves to create home decor items.

The product that sells the best for Fulya is her Velvet Round Pillows. However, her favorite to make is the pillow covers with flowers.

Fulya has dreams of expanding her business and opening her own workshop where she can teach housewives to create pillows.

On a typical day, she works 9am - 5pm in her workshop and after her daughter takes her nap.

The best part of having her own business, to Fulya, is being able to adjust her schedule to her daughter's needs.

When asked what the hardest part of having her own business is, she replied, "In order to produce, need new materials to be continuous, means capital."

Fulya's future goals for her business is for her products to be used by famous fashion designers or to sell at a celebrity textile company. (I definitely think she has what it takes!)

When asked what was the earliest age that she remembers making something crafty, Fulya said, "At the age of 7 or 8, I'd sew dresses for my dolls."

Last but not least, Fulya would like to share these tips with you... If you like your product and would like to sell it... make sure everyone likes it. And be patient when selling.

Thank you Fulya!

You can purchase her beautiful pillows from her Etsy shop!

Here are a couple more of her absolutely gorgeous pillows!


  1. The Bathtime TeamDec 22, 2011 09:32 AM
    they are certainly beauitful.

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