Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Crafter Interview: Shugabee Lane

I have to say... I'm in looove with every.single.item listed in Shugabee Lane's Etsy shop! It would be so hard to choose just one or two items to add to our home.

Wanting to add my own handmade items to sell on Etsy... someday... I've always been curious of how other crafty folks got their start. What inspired them to make and sell items, what keeps them motivated, what sells best for them, etc. Aren't you curious?

Let's find out!

Jamie is a stay at home mom of three little ones. "It can be very rewarding", she says. However, she needed a creative outlet and something to challenge her beyond the ABC's and 123's.

Her and her husband started out small creating their popular Storybook Blocks and Block Frames for little one's places. As her creativity grew... so did their shop. They now create one of a kind pieces for big people's spaces and events such as weddings.

They opened their Etsy shop in April 2010. In less than 2 years, they have sold nearly 1000 pieces! Both on Etsy and locally.

Their best selling item is the Framed Bulletin Boards. Whether it's the Magnet Board, Cork Board, Magnetic Chalkboard, Regular Chalkboard or Dry Erase Board. Jamie and her husband love to customize them to match their customer's decor or event perfectly!

Jamie's favorite product is the Storybook Blocks. She says, "I really do enjoy creating all of our pieces, but those are very special to me. Each quote is from a storybook I read to my little ones that pull at my heart strings. They are a design that is exclusively ours. Not to be found anywhere else." (I love the extra special little touches that you get with handmade items... so very sweet)

I asked Jamie if there was a project or craft that she would love to make or include that she hasn't had the chance to. She replied, "My creative wheels never stop spinning! I think my poor husband cringes when I say, "You know what we could create...". I have so many ideas, but only so much time. I want to continue to branch out and come up with new designs unique to our little shop."

On average, she spends 8-10 hours a day, everyday, working on products for their shop. However, the best part, to Jamie, of having her own business is being able to stay home with her little ones. She's always there to spend time with them. She says her kiddos love "Mommy Frames" and being Mommy's "Helpers". Jamie hopes that one day they will have fond memories of having a mom that could stay home but also work hard at something beyond mommyhood. (You are such an inspiration!)

When asked what the hardest part of having your own business is, she replied, "Self motivation. There are no goals to meet, bonuses to earn or motivational staff meetings. It's a 24/7 business where you have to be the production, marketing, customer service, accounting, technical and shipping department all in one."

For those of you that are curious about the financial aspect of their business... Sugabee Lane has been a financial blessing, but her wonderful husband works very hard, everyday, as a television reporter.

The future goals for their business is to grow and create. "I have the best customers I could ask for. I want to continue to come up with new ways they can decorate their homes in a unique way", Jamie says.

Some of the resources that they use to promote their shop... aside from Etsy... is Google and Pinterest. They have participated in a few craft fairs locally, but they are tough to do with the little ones. Etsy keeps Jamie and her husband pretty busy, so they don't have a lot of time to participate in them.

Every year, Jamie would watch her Nanny (Grandma) and her Mom create crafts all summer together. She says, "They were both so creative and I remember wanting those talents." One year, when she was about 7 or 8, her Nanny gave Jamie her very own sewing kit for her birthday. Together they made a Noah's Ark pillow set. "She passed away when I was 19, but I sure wish she knew how much I think of her as I create today", says Jamie. (It sounds like you have a wonderful relationship with your Nanny and I'm sure she is so very proud of you and is looking in on you as you create.)

When asked if there was any advice for others wanting to venture into selling their handmade items, Jamie replied, "Prepare for success. It is hard at times and can be discouraging, but know your items are beautifully handcrafted and sales will come. And when you are overwhelmed with the blessing of a full order list, remind yourself of the days you were so badly wanting your first sale." (So encouraging!)

I would like to thank you Jamie, so very much, for allowing me to interview you and take a look at the "behind the scenes" of your Etsy shop and business.

You can visit Shugabee Lane to purchase a beautiful handmade creation by clicking here.

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  1. Jamie is a wonderful Artisian, she has some of the best quality boards on Etsy, you will love her shop!


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