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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sayings And Fonts Used For Family Rules Canvas

I received some great questions about the Family Rules Canvas that I made.  Thank you Staci!  I answered them in the comment section of the post, but I also wanted to make a separate post.  Below you will also find the actual sayings/graphics that I used that you can save and print for your own.  You should be able to click them picture and save them to use.

One questions, was about the type of paper that I used.  I used regular printer paper.  Just a multi-purpose paper.
Another question was if using colored ink would work.  Yes, it works great!  I made a mini canvas for my son's room (that isn't quite complete yet) with a football on it.  After I removed the paper, it left the color and it also had a neat fuzzy feeling to it.

Just in case, you would like to make your own sayings and not the same ones that I used, here is a list of the fonts that I used:

* Perpetua
* Comic Sans MS
* Freestyle Script
* Hobbit SF
* Juice
* Pristina
* David
* Monotype Corsiva
* Arial Narrow
* Ancestry
* Firenze SF
* Garamond
* Edwardian Script

Happy Crafting!


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