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Family Rules Canvas Art

Family Rules Canvas Picture

I have a "thing" for all those canvas wall hangings that you see in stores nowadays. They always catch my eye. I have a set of three huge ones hanging in our living room and a set of two hanging in our kitchen that my Mother gave to us.

I've been on the lookout for more that I can add to our humble abode but, I couldn't find the "right" one.
Lately, I've noticed a lot of Family Rules pictures that the crafty ladies on the nets have been making. That gave me an idea! I'll use canvas and turn it into our Family Rules Wall Hanging. But, I didn't want to paint all of the lettering. So, I found a trick that would be perfect for this job.

It took a while longer than I would have liked, but it was worth it in the end. I had a couple of bumps in the road... but I worked them out.

Read below to find out how you can make your very own Family Rules Canvas Art with a nifty Mod Podge trick.

The first thing I did was choose sayings that I liked and that would fit our family. I typed them up in my PhotoScape program. It's free to use.

After I typed the sayings, I mirrored the images. I will show you how to do this tomorrow in a separate post.

Once I saved them, I cropped each one out using my Olympus Master 2 program. You can crop them in PhotoScape as well. I used Olympus because that's what I use most often.

Then I printed them out. I used PhotoScape for this as well because there are many different size options. On some I used the DPI setting so that I could get the sayings at different sizes. Instead of a regular 8x10 print, I could make them a touch smaller.

Next, I was ready to paint my canvas. I started by adding a blue and cream color. I blended the colors on the left until it looked the way I wanted. Lots and lots of blending. The colors I used were French Blue by Folk Art, Antique White by Apple Barrel and Teddy Bear Tan by Folk Art (this comes in later).

After I was happy with the base, I painted on some Antique White vines and leaves.

Then, I dabbed in some Teddy Bear Tan. It's not as dark on the actual canvas as it is showing up in the picture.

I cut out all of my sayings and placed them on the canvas in the positions I wanted them to be.

Now, for the Mod Podge. Using a foam brush, I painted Mod Podge on the canvas where the saying was going to go and on the actual saying (on the ink side).

Here are the sayings all Mod Podged down. I would recommend that you wait at least 25-30 minutes before continuing on to the next step. The Mod Podge needs to be nice and dry. And yes, I made a boo boo. I put the top one on UPSIDE DOWN! That took some patience and elbow grease to get off. No worries! It's all fixed now!

The next step is to dampen a paper towel and apply water to the paper. Make sure that it's not sopping wet... just enough to wet it so that you can roll the paper off of the canvas.

Like this... Just take your finger and roll, roll, roll the paper off of the canvas away from the ink. Just don't rub too hard or the ink will come off and you will end up doing touch ups like I did. :)

Once, all of the paper is off and your canvas is dry, apply Mod Podge over the entire surface. Don't worry! It will dry clear.

And that's it! Hang her up! Your all done!

This is my after...

Family Rules Canvas Wall Hanging

Coming up tomorrow... I will show you how to mirror your images using PhotoScape.

Update: The post is up. Click here to learn how to mirror images.

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  1. This is super cute!

  2. Looks great! You did a fabulous job:)

  3. That's really nice, you did a great job! thanks for stopping by our site.

  4. Angela, Thanks so much for stopping by and your sweet commenet on my bedroom redo!! I will be checking out your blog now!! Sue

  5. Thank you all for leaving a comment and letting me know that you stopped by.

    I love reading the comments!

  6. It's lovely! I like all the neat layers and colors you used. :) Nice job!

    Thank you for joining my Weekend Bloggy Reading party (and for linking back--I appreciate that!). Hope you'll stop by Serenity Now again soon. :)

  7. Thanks for sharing, that looks fun to make.


  8. great job on the family rules! It looks so nice!
    "catching" you!

  9. Ok.... NOW I've got to try this! Thank you.. I didn't want to paint or stencil a bunch of words either... but I LOVE this!



  10. Hi! First of all, thank you so much for being so transparent to all I can only imagine how hard that can be, but know we have ALL failed many, many times. None of us are perfect, only the One who holds the key is True and Perfect. But, I do love your work.

    Now for the 2 questions. 1) what fonts did you use? And 2) did you print off the words onto regular paper, like typing/printer paper? Or did you use something else in order to rub the paper off leaving just the printed word? Well, 1 more for a bonus question, 3) do you think printing with colored ink would be ok? I've just never mod podged over colored over ink before and didn't know how it would turn out. Thanks again. Look forward to hearing back from you soon. I also posted your link onto my FB page. My blog is strictly for the journey of.our.adopting 2 boys (for past 3 yrs). Oh, so long!

  11. Hi Staci!

    You're very sweet. Thank you.

    I had to search out the font types since I didn't write them down. I believe I have them correct for you. They are (in order of canvas):
    *Comic Sans MS
    *Freestyle Script
    *Hobbit SF
    *Monotype Corsiva
    *Arial Narrow
    *Firenze SF
    *Edwardian Script

    I did print them out on regular printer paper. I just used cheap multi-purpose paper.

    Yes, colored ink will also work. I actually did one (which is not complete) for my son that has a football on it. It came out perfect.

    Thank you for your questions. Please let me know if you have any other questions. :)

  12. Aw, I love your family rules. How sweet! What a great job.

  13. I want to try one of these so badly and you did it cheaply I may have to try it for myself

  14. I was thinking white letters on red or black do you think that would work?

  15. Thank you very much Amy. :)

    Hiya Nikki. I think that should work. I've used colored ink on another project and it worked great. I would do a test one first... just in case since it's white.

  16. I love the idea, but am not artsy enough to paint the canvass. Thanks for the idea at least

  17. i never knew you could do that with mod I'll need to try out. Looks store bought, great job.

  18. This is an excellent guide. Good work!

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  20. I love your blog,helpful, thanks for sharing!

  21. This is an excellent guide. Good work!

  22. Really it is nice post and thanks for sharing it

  23. I completely agree with you. Great post


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