Thursday, May 12, 2011

Tole Painting

I have a multi style for decorating. I don't like one particular style. My style is more country-shabby chic-modern. I've yet to accomplish decorating our home with those styles. But, putting things together little by little is the fun part. Right?

I've always enjoyed the look of Tole Paintings. I haven't had much time to paint (other than parts of the casa) with everything going on lately.

Here are a few pavers that I painted with this technique:

Painted Patio Pavers
(you can click here to view my photo album)
And here are some that I would love to own that I found on Etsy:

Bumble Bear Paper Towel Holder
Bumble Bear Paper Towel Holder from Country Charmers

Ghoul Friends Candle Holder
Ghoul Friends Candle Holder from Grandma C Creations

Bunny Plaque
Bunny Plaque from Tole Treasures

Hot Cocoa Sign
Hot Cocoa Sign from Dawns Painting

Garden Pokes
Garden Pokes from helbut

Bunny Towel Holder

Bunny Towel Holder from Tole Treasures

Too cute!

Hey babe! If you're reading this... hint hint... I'm sure there is some holiday coming up where I could use a gift. Ummm... I mean... we... for the house. :)


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