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Thursday, May 5, 2011

How To Make A Topiary

Handmade Topiary

I've always loved the look of topiaries. I just haven't seen one that I could purchase. So, I decided to make one myself.

It was super easy and fun. Now, I have to make at least 3 more for the house.

Here's how you can make your very own.

Topiary Supplies


* I purchased a pre-made topiary stand from Hobby Lobby. (you could also use a foam ball and a dowel or stick)... along with foam for the bottom to place into the container.

* Moss. I purchased a Moss Cloth from Hobby Lobby.

* A flower pot or container. I purchased the one pictured from Hobby Lobby.

* Glass Gems or Marbles

* Flowers

* Stick Pins (not pictured)

* Ribbon and Paint (optional)

The topiary form wouldn't fit inside the pot that I purchased. So, the hubster trimmed it down to size for me. Isn't he so sweet. :)

I decided to paint the stick instead of leaving it brown. I used Daisy Cream Patio Paint that I diluted with a bit of water to make it look a bit washed out.

After the paint dried, I started to attach the moss. I cut out a square piece and laid it as flat as I could and pinned it in place. I had to cut out some of the areas to get it to lay flat. I then just pieced it together on the bottom. You will need lots of pins for this.

Once I had all the moss in place, I started attaching my flowers. The flowers I used are rubber. I purchased them from Hobby Lobby, as well. I've never seen rubber flowers before, but they worked out perfectly. I just pulled them off the stem and stuck the pin through the center to attach them.

All that was left to do... add the gems/marbles and ribbon.

Handmade Topiary

I think it turned out pretty cute. The candle holder sitting next to the topiary was the hubster's find at Hobby Lobby. Love it!

Please pay no attention to the edge of the mirror in the picture above. That's a project for another day. :)

Just about everything that was purchased was 50% off! Woo Hoo!

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  1. Angela, your topiary looks great! I love the flowers and ribbon on it. Thanks for coming by to check mine out!

  2. Great information. Lucky me I reach on your site by accident, I bookmarked it.


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