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Monday, May 2, 2011


I.can.barely.type. Fingers.are.nearly.frozen. Must.not.turn.on.heat.

I'm trying to save some moola but I may just give in. Just when it was starting to warm up... bam! Cold!

I'm so not ready for the hot Texas weather. It would be nice if it would stay "mid" weather. You know, not hot... not cold.

I'm praying that our a/c unit doesn't give up on us just yet. We've been having problems with it leaking over the last couple of years. That's a whole other complaint. I have many of those lately.

Plans today:

Clean up kitchen to get it ready for a painting makeover.
Finish up laundry.

Lets see how far I get today.

I'm happy to say... I was able to get some cross stitching done last night for my little girl's room project. I have 5 completed and 3 more to go.

K. That's it! Off to turn on the heat for a bit.


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