Sunday, February 27, 2011

I Found A New Love

One of the blogs that I read from time to time had recommended a blog they enjoy called Sew 4 Home. I had to go check it out because I love the idea of sewing items for the home. I fell instantly in love. I could and probably will spend hours browsing their blog/website for things that I can make. I'm super excited to share this one with you.

I have to admit... I'm a tad bit jealous of the amount of posts they are able to make. I wish that I had the time to work on projects to share here. I think I may have a new passion. I would love to make some of the items they share and show my creations here. Once things get in order around here, of course.

I also love that they have step by step picture tutorials with each project.

Here is the first project they shared that caught my eye. I would love to make a couple of these for our bathrooms or as gifts.

Pictured above is the Be-ribboned Guest Bath Towel. Too cute!

They have tons of projects, tips, products they like and even giveaways! A few more projects you may like are:


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