Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Tutorial on How to Make a Blog Banner from Clover Lane

I found this post via Money Saving Mom about how Sarah at Clover Lane explains how you can create your own blog banner using Google Picasa instead of something fancy and complicated like Photoshop.

I made my banner using a program that I downloaded online for free called PhotoScape. I did use Adobe PhotoDeluxe but it quit working with my computer... even though I downloaded their "patch". So, I removed the program and searched for something I could use for the time being. I wish I would have found this post before. The sad thing is... I have used Picasa for a couple of years now and never thought to look there.

If you would like to make yourself one of those cute banners that you see on the blogs nowadays instead of a basic one you should read this post.

She explains step by step on how you can do it. It's quite easy. Thank you for sharing Sarah.


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